Tree Surgeons UK – Why You Need To Employ One

You must be here to learn more about tree surgeons UK and why you need their services to keep your trees safe and healthy. Why on earth do I need tree surgeons to take care of my trees? I am more than enough for that. You may think so. But you will soon realize that it is not so easy to take care of a tree that grows naturally on your backyard!

Tree Surgeons expert in actionWell, it is common knowledge that if you have trees on your property, old or young, you are likely to keep them protected, healthy and beautiful. Although some homeowners and business organizations attempt to maintain trees on their own, without consulting a tree expert, or arborist, the reality is that most of them simply don’t have the skills or knowledge to maintain and protect the trees. In fact, tree surgery is an important skill that takes years to master. Hence, to do the best for your trees, you would do well to employ an experienced UK tree surgeon because they have the specialized equipment necessary to do the job rightly, without doing any harm to the tree. Read on to learn more about tree surgeons UK and the kind of tools and equipment they generally use.

Why use a Tree Surgeon UK for this job?

Tree Surgeons are not just people who cut trees. They are much more than that. In fact, they are very skilled craftsmen with tons of experience and they take huge pride in their job.

Most tree surgeons in the UK will offer a wide range of services to take care of any tree, shrub or hedge work that is needed. They are able to give you expert advice on your trees, so that they get the correct treatment needed, at that too at the right time of year and in the most cost-effective fashion.

They should also be give good counsel on how to manage your trees, shrubs and hedges. This advice includes how you would like your garden to be designed and what is best for the plants and trees you have in your area. So, you should not be surprised be surprised if the advice is to remove a tree or shrub and replace it with one that is more suitable for the position or add to the beauty of the place. You can spend a lot of time pruning a plant and still not getting the desired result. You should also keep in mind that the more you delay in taking tough decisions about whether you should cut it down and replace it with a new plant the more time you lose, which actually means that you would have another year of lost growth on the new plant!

When you have a tree that needs some attention, your first thought would be whether you or your gardener could do this job. If it is a simple pruning job, the answer obviously is yes. If the job is more than a simple prune or you are about the end result, and you are still wondering how to do everything without spoiling the tree, we suggest that you take professional services of a good tree surgeon.

Careful trimming of an overgrown conifer

After a lot of cutting, pruning and trimming job in the garden, a substantial amount of waste is created and you are quickly left with a big pile of waste to take care of. If your garden hasn’t got room for a bonfire, or burning, it would be a source of great annoyance for your neighbours. And if you want to avoid that, you must carry the waste to a different place. This could mean several trips to a local spot, stuffing various bags full of the prunings and loading them into the car, dump the waste and the comeback to take care of your vehicle. Lots of work indeed!

An expert tree surgeon could either remove this as part of the job or even convert it into woodchip that could be left with you to use as and when you need them.

People often ask the tree surgeons to drop in and take a look at the trees with the thought that the tree needs to be reduced heavily to let more light come in. The tree surgeons often point out to them that even after the tree has been reduced, it is going to cast a huge shadow.

However, what they don’t understand is that by simply removing some low branches will allow more light to pass through the canopy of the tree and solve the problem quite easily. This approach has lots of benefits as well. It is obviously better for the health of the tree, has less impact on the overall look of the garden and, last but not least, will almost always be less costly than reducing the entire crown of the tree.


This is where the entire crown is cut back to make the tree smaller in size.

Crown reduction can be effective when a tree is further away. Besides, making its shadow smaller will allow more light to pass through a particular area, or for that matter, when a tree blocks the entire view, particularly from an upstairs window, a simple reduction job will do the trick.

There are also certain other things to consider when deciding whether to call in a tree surgeon or doing the job on your own are:

Trees take a long time to grow, so if they are pruned incorrectly, they would definitely take a long time to recover, if they survive at all!

DIY garden tools can help you do a pruning or reducing job on a smaller level, but it goes without saying that you will not be able to achieve the quality of finish that a skilled tree surgeon would provide by using his professional tools, and the years of experience he has behind him.

But then, there are a number of caveats associated with this job. Pruning and cutting tools, by their very nature, are dangerous, so if you’re not accustomed to dealing with them, or you have gone up a ladder to do something with a cutting tool, accidents can easily take place.A Tree Surgeon, thanks to is experience and skill, should bring added value to the job.

Equipment Used by Tree Surgeons

The primary reason why you shouldn’t undertake tree surgery on your own is that tree surgery is a high-risk job and requires specialist training to help prevent serious injuries and accidents. Also, you’re not likely to have the right sort of knowledge, or equipment, or skill to do the job and protect the tree. In addition, there are highly specialized equipment for doing jobs like climbing, pruning and handling of heavy materials.

To accomplish all these tasks perfectly, among others, tree surgeons have to be expert in handling a variety of specialist equipment, such as chainsaws and wood chippers and shredders. Other tools include strimmers, secateurs (pruning shears), hedge cutters, ropes, brushcutters, harnesses, lowering devices and mobile elevated work platforms or MEWPS.  Good tree surgeons will be highly skilled in maintaining their equipment and performing minor repairs to keep it in top condition.

Hence, we are sure that you would employ a tree surgeon UK for the benefit of your garden and the trees that add to the beauty of your home or corporate office. Let the tree surgeons UK do their job and you will soon find the difference they make to your garden.